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What some of our students say about Work Smart Formula

Jake Slegers

Jake Slegers

Thanks so much for providing such valuable and useful information! I really like how this truly strong, solid and thorough advice is presented in a well-researched, easily understood and easily readable format. Much of it is highly personal as well, making it even more meaningful and impactful. Very impressive indeed!

Polgár Viktor

Viktor Polgar

’build and lead the support team’ — great advice to take to heart. Early in my career, I was told that the best leaders surround themselves with people more knowledgeable than they themselves are. The amazing thing is not how true this proved to be, but how often it is disregarded… Btw great analogy with Scrabble! And how true as well!

Szilágyi Gábor

Gabor Szilagyi

The pillars hit the nail in head. The very common mistake average sales person commits is talking about herself, her company, products and services. In order to get one’s attention you need to make her talk about herself, her problems, pains and sufferings. Then offer options as possible solutions that may include your products and services.

Norah Eastern

Norah Eastern

Thank you for this informative introduction. After a previous career in sales, one line jumped out at me as golden wisdom:

“Offer what the customer wants and deliver what they need.”

Juhos Andrea

Andrea Juhos

I agree, storytelling is vital in any phase of selling. And you do want to be interesting as well as capable of solving problems that your customer may have.