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How Doug Daniel's career prepared him to team with you to launch your seven-figure online business


Doug Daniel founded Work Smart Formula™ with the mission of enabling as many seven-figure entrepreneurs as possible. He can do this by sharing the knowledge built up during decades of entrepreneurship; three US Army Special Operating Forces combat commands, executive positions in Silicon Valley, and in his spare time, teaching pilots to fly airplanes.

He is really Douglas W. Daniel, Colonel, U.S. Army (Retired). He prefers 'Doug.'

Doug's motivation can be best summed up by a quote from one of his presentations, "You may not know it, but you have a particular skill, a unique insight and a special knowledge that you should share. All of us do. This talent – possibly hidden even from you – can transform other people’s lives dramatically."

This firm belief drives him to transform the lives of passionate would-be entrepreneurs. Because, like Steve Jobs, he believes that anyone with true passion can change the world.

Upon university graduation he was commissioned a second lieutenant in the U.S. Army and immediately called to active duty during the Vietnam War.

After completing his graduate studies he joined the professional ranks of the US’s premier physics laboratory as Senior Mathematician. He managed research projects advancing Internet technology in the areas of networked and cloud-based applications.

Soon the lure of Silicon Valley and its entrepreneurial culture pulled him into several executive positions.

After building a superb reputation and sufficient financial resources, he jumped into the world of serial entrepreneurship. In 2001 he narrowed his focus to Internet marketing specializing in online training. 

He stayed in the Army Reserve where he was called upon twice more to command Special Operating Forces in combat.

Doug became an expert in training, leading, managing and calming people during periods of extreme stress.

Why Peter David joined Work Smart Formula™

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Peter joined Colonel Daniel’s team in 2020 to contribute to helping online entrepreneurs grow their ideas into seven figure businesses. Using his over 40 years of experience, he teaches entrepreneurs the best practices of communications, marketing, and lobbying, and how to use these tools to make a business a real success.

Peter is a globally renowned communications expert and trainer with a large network, who has led the efforts of various market-leading multinationals for decades. He is also a guest lecturer at Metropol University, the former CEO of the American Chamber of Commerce, and an entrepreneur at heart, just like you.

He has worked more than a decade as the Corporate Affairs Director of a large FMCG multinational organization, being responsible for the communications and public relations of over two dozen affiliates of the company across the Europe region. Previously he has spent 15 years working in media, journalism, and PR, where he had the chance to work closely with the biggest business and political gurus.

His passion to leverage his experience and support businesses in accelerating their growth surfaced as he headed up the American Chamber of Commerce in Hungary as Chief Executive Officer. In this position, he has represented the interests of over 600 businesses, advocating their views towards both the private and public sectors.

As part of Colonel Daniel’s team, Peter wants to offer his expertise to an even wider audience of entrepreneurs and help you become successful. He will listen to you and provide tailored advice on how you can overcome your challenges, shape your communications strategies, clarify your business objectives, and create a successful, recognizable brand for your business.