Figure out your target customer's problem in three days or less

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We will investigate a question that probably kills you now and deprives you of your sleep at night. Understanding your target customers' pain and defining a solution (i.e. your product or line of service) to relieve it is crucial.

Without that, you have no chance of being successful.

You need to understand why your target customer is frustrated, desperate and is frantically searching for a solution. Any solution, actually. So, before you launch your new product, it is critical to have a truthful picture of that pain. You can cure it only when you have identified it and understood it properly.

It sounds obvious, but it is not easy to accomplish.

Your business is meant to generate steady income for you and your family. It is possible only if you define your product or line of service correctly. (…And there are many other aspects of online business you will need to learn and practice.)

I can tell you how to get there in three days or even less if you are thorough enough.

First, let me save you from your worst tormenting self-doubt. If you cannot hit a ten when you shoot the first time, you will always have a second chance. I am speaking from experience: I’ve been there, done that.

When I started my communication training courses, I had a vague idea of what my potential clients needed, let alone wanted from me. Of course, I could rely on my long experience as a trainer, but I knew for sure that it was not enough.

So I started experimenting a bit. Testing the waters. Designed three different training courses and watched closely which one would attract the most participants.

Then I continued to finetune the offer by talking to earlier participants and fellow trainers, and some of them were kind enough to provide advice free of charge.

When a few earlier students of mine pointed out why they would not ever come to my courses again, it was also good food for thought. One should learn from these observations and comments, even if they are not complimentary.

I got great tips from my friends and family.

…And I did my homework: conducted online research to find out what kind of courses are available, at what costs, where, how, what methodology they were using, etc.

As the three-day deadline that I had set for myself was coming to its end, I had a good concept on my mind.

I also reread some of my earlier correspondence with my corporate clients and individual customers and ran a few tests again.

The program performing best was the one I should implement – that was my conclusion.

As it happened, the training most in demand was focusing on giving good soundbites. This term is used in broadcast media for a short statement. The communicator gives a summary of his or her three main messages wrapped in one or two sentences, often unprompted, facing the camera. Apparently, this is tough as hell and for most corporate communicators a dreadful task.

Therefore my course that later was most in-demand and became a real cash cow was called “How to Make a Great Soundbite and Win the Communication Game?”

So, if you are frustrated because you feel insecure about your choice, that’s normal. My proposed course of action is this: talk to people, do your online research, finetune your product or service, check and doublecheck and take all the time you need.

If you feel stuck, leave me a message; I answer all comments and emails. I want you to succeed and will be happy to help you.

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