How to avoid the trap of expecting too much of yourself

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Let me share with you a couple of tricks and show you how to control your emotions and harness your ambitions.

As a fresh businessperson, you need to discover how to avoid the pitfall of blaming yourself for anything.

I realize that you strive to be the most successful online entrepreneur ever.

 Well, most of us tend to set the bar very high.

We must prove to ourselves, our family, and friends what we are capable of.

Launching an online business was a brave and timely decision to make.


But at this point, you are entering uncharted territory.

Now… We are all afraid of the unknown.

That’s only natural.

In such situations, people usually rely on their optimism and inner strength.

That is absolutely fine, too.

But what if there is a minor hiccup?

Like, for instance, something slowing you down...?

Or something unexpected happening, finding you unprepared...?

Are you mentally ready to tackle that kind of situation?

It can also happen that your self-confidence is so strong that the smallest glitch makes you disappointed.

If it is the case, take out some time for yourself and think it through.

Take a piece of paper (the old-fashioned way) or grab your tablet (or laptop).

Analyze the situation and be critical.

In other words: don’t lie to yourself.

Make sure you draw the right conclusions.

Call a spade a spade.

If you feel bad about it, find someone to discuss the business situation.

Someone that you trust.

Someone who can offer you their unbiased, objective opinion.

Our view is blurred as we look at our business from a close distance.

Emotionally, we are fully engaged.

Here is an example from my personal experience.

My consultancy business got stuck and I did not get it why.

Many times I tried to put my finger on its pulse but could not figure out what went wrong.

What used to run smoothly for years, generating enough money to provide for my family, seemed to slow down to a quasi-halt.

As I was tormenting myself and was about to launch an ad campaign…

… a friend of mine came along and gave me a new insight.

My friend, who is in a different line of business, asked me a few questions.

He was smart enough not to offer a solution but rather let me find one.

So, outside help is fine, it is not a shame to ask for it.

Ideally, a business coach who can lend you a hand.

The takeaway from my story shows how important it is to notice the essential components of your undertaking, by yourself or with someone’s help.

Exerting pressure on yourself won’t help.

Other than disappointment and demotivation, it won’t bring you anything.

So, be honest with yourself and reach out to somebody who can provide you with knowledge, insight, and practical support.

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