How to be productive when you are your own boss

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When you start your online business, you are happy not to report to anyone anymore.

Wow! Freedom at last!

You will do whatever you want and work smart (rather than hard, with our formula).

And still… Somewhere on the back of your mind you may also have a touch of anxiety.

“Can I do it?” – that question may be lingering on your mind.

Well, only time can tell.

When you feel that you are losing motivation, make a quick analysis and reassure yourself if you find that your business efforts go in the right direction.

For being your own boss you should certainly be at peace with yourself.

That is a prerequisite of being successful in your endeavor.

That, in turn, suppose that you know and understand yourself and are honest with yourself.

Being psychologically fit for working as your own boss is at least as important as finding your market niche or build your winning marketing strategy.

I have always found that lack of self-confidence is the most challenging aspect of doing business.

The other issue is accepting my own limitations.

But, hey: being your own boss does not necessarily mean working alone.

If, at any point in time, you feel you need a team to share the burden with – go for it!

Build that team of yours, albeit virtually, and involve your friends and buddies who can add value to your business.

Working alone has some benefits – but doing it with others is often more effective and always more fun.

For that reason, you need to learn how to build a team and how to motivate others.

I will tell you about team building and motivation in another post.

Here, I would like to warn you of one more thing.

Even when you are your own boss, pressure on you might mount high.

Usually because of yourself.

Naturally, you want to achieve more, compete on the market with a strong brand and a sales plan.

So, chances are you will be you own or slavedriver.

Be careful.

My point is, being your own boss requires self-discipline and astuteness.

Nevertheless, being your own boss is awesome.

It means hard work, continuous learning, and more.

You will find it rewarding and your family and community will give you recognition. [See the continuation blog post on this subject.[

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