In internet marketing you’re either creative or you get passed by

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Since you figured out what product would solve your customers’ problems and make them happy, you must be a creative person per se.

So, I don’t try to teach you a lesson, just share some of the tricks that keep me on track.

When I just sit in a corner and stare blankly, wishing I had a tiny new idea, music always helps. You should choose a piece of music that has the effect of stimulating your imagination.

What exactly that can be, nobody would tell – only you. (For me it is Mozart.)

For whatever it's worth, my best ideas come to me in the shower.

Research shows that people are most creative when they are not under stress. When they are under pressure to create, they are least likely to produce new ideas and are more likely to do what they have always done.

A walk in nature is usually relaxing and at the same time can titillate your fantasy. Go to a place where you can enjoy the beauties of the landscape without being disturbed by others. (I prefer a stroll along an isolated brook by myself.)

Children are always a great source of creative ideas. They are not hindered by conventional knowledge, so what they suggest will be simple and often a stroke of genius.

Talk to your friends and ask for their opinion, check with them what you plan to do, test your prototypes and rough ideas with them. If they are true friends, they will be honest and give their sincere views. But guard against them saying what they think you want to hear.

Start a new hobby. Anything that you to as a novelty will trigger thoughts that in turn will help you put your finger on something unvisited, unheard of. Get inspiration from your new hobby.

Choose your books, films, and podcasts carefully, get acquainted with stories about historic inventions, geniuses who often came up with something revolutionarily new by connecting the dots, i.e. combining two-three already existing methods or objects to create a completely new one.

Take Guttenberg, for instance. Book printing was not invented from nothing, he was only (!) using individual printing blocks, a grape press, and inking balls that already existed by that time. Combined them into one new profession!

How do you boost your creativity? Let me know in your comment please, and by doing so help others in the business as well.


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