Move the free line

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Let me explain a marketing strategy only used by the truly elite online marketers.

It is called ‘moving the free line’ and is a superb technique. The Internet marketer who invented the expression made $28 million online year on year working from his home office.

There is no doubt that your business can benefit from it.

We have already seen that the most valuable asset online entrepreneurs can have is their lists of customers and prospective customers' email addresses.

The strategy we are talking about will help you build those lists faster.

So, what is this strategy about?

It is about giving away information that shocks and amazes your prospects because of its obvious value.

You can visualize this as the letter 'H' that consists of three lines.

The free line is the one on the left, the vertical leg of the 'H'.

To the left of the free line is the information you give to prospective customers in exchange for their email addresses. To the right is the information that customers should be willing to buy.

The marketing strategy called ‘moving the free line’ implies that you move the free line to the right giving away clearly valuable information.

You expect that a prospective customer sees this information and realizes, “If that is free, what I have to buy must be truly valuable to me.”

And as a result, your credibility will grow significantly, and with it, your sales volume and price.

Furthermore, it is proven that if you give away your best material, your list will grow much faster.

It is just the opposite of those selling tricks where customers are lured into buying only to discover that the seller over-promised and under-delivered.

If you move the free line, your audience (your prospects) will trust you and follow you.

…and it builds their sense of loyalty, your credibility, and your own feeling of integrity.

So, put some of your best information upfront!

Show your customers that you are not afraid to do so – because you are the best.

Give people a little taste of what you have in stock and you will have a growing audience.

People will be eager to buy from you because they will trust you.

Because, as they say, there is always a market for the best.

So, don’t hold back, move your free line and offer your very best to your prospects!

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