Path to online millions

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There is a formula that every highly successful online entrepreneur who I know has followed to that enviable Online Entrepreneur Lifestyle.

This is it.

This is a succinct overview of how every online millionaire I know built the businesses needed to give them the enviable Online Entrepreneur Lifestyle.

They may not have followed this particular sequence, but they left no steps out. I think you should follow it.

At first …

  • You are unknown. So you …
    • are unproven
    • have no credibility
    • are not trusted
    • have no emotional connection with your prospective customers

Your mission is to provide your prospects with what they need to achieve their goals.

You start by finding as many prospects as you can who are willing and able to buy.

  • Once found, you convince them that:
    • Your offering will enable them to achieve their goals
    • They can achieve their goals
    • You are uniquely qualified to help them
    • You are passionate about their success

Let me point out something about these steps:

There’s a hard way and a smart way of doing each step.

All who succeeded learned the smart way.

This list is very superficial. Each step deserves an in depth, detailed tutorial.

If my online millionaire friends were talking to you, they would say:


  1. Select a Market Segment. – One that you know and are passionate about.
  2. Build a Web presence. – Become known as a trusted expert.
  3. Build a responsive list of passionate followers. – So you can communicate with your prospects.
  4. Build a support team that puts out content, product, or service at a high enough pace. – Because one person, no matter how talented and hardworking cannot do enough.
  5. Continually serve that list with high quality, immediately useable information. – Keep your prospects interested and loyal.
  6. Let your customers pay you to develop new products. – Yes! It can be done.
  7. Refine and sell your new products to list members. – You need cash to operate and grow.
  8. Attend live events and bond with your fellow online entrepreneurs. Make them your colleagues. – So you can learn, and you can help each other.
  9. Sell your colleagues’ products to your followers for, typically a 50% commission. – So you can make money and incentivize your colleagues to help you.
  10. Let your colleagues sell your products to their followers. – So you can grow your list and make money. (By now, you’re probably at or near the seven figures mark.
  11. Diversify, expand
    • Enter new, related market segments
    • Coach and consult
    • Start your own mastermind
    • Or …

You'll discover as we get into it, that there are a lot of very different skills required. and the volume of work is high. That's why all of the 20 plus online millionaires in our little club have assembled some sort of support team.

If you agree with these three statements you have a good shot at joining that exclusive seven-figure club!

  • You believe that every one of these steps can be mastered.
  • You are willing to assemble a team that has all the needed skills.
  • You believe that failure is not an option.

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