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Being an entrepreneur can be mentally challenging. In this post, I am sharing with you my experience to show you how I managed my frustration and get focused on my customers' needs. These are both vital ingredients if you want to be a successful entrepreneur and get close to the coveted 7-figure income.

When I was managing my online translation business, I had a Questions & Answers document specifically prepared to address any issues my clients may want to discuss with me. I kept this Q&A at hand and was looking forward to using them. I was proud of my Q&A.

I was anticipating questions related to the following topics:

  • the quality of our translations, including our quality assurance system
  • our warranty and money refund policies
  • the qualifications of our translators
  • the possibility of providing raw translations by the client to have them back properly done
  • the eventual use of translation software
  • the question of keeping our language knowledge alive, learning currently fashionable expressions and idioms, etc.

I thought I should respond whenever these questions pop up, but nobody asked them. Instead, I got inquiries about the following subjects:

  • the option of getting jobs done at so-called optimum costs
  • discounts offered for allegedly easy jobs
  • the minimum amount of time required for any given job
  • the ability to translate from one “rare” language (in my country) to English or French

I felt frustrated that potential clients and established ones were not asking the right questions. My business partners managed to reconcile me, but I never deleted the Q&A from my desktop. However, the Q&A remained unused…

If you have ever been in a similar situation and felt bad about anticipated customer behavior, rest assured that you are not the only one. I learned that we are not to judge our clients; we should do our best to meet their expectations (and forget about ours). Finally, I accepted that what really matters are the customers’ needs.

Please ask yourself: “Do I understand my customers well enough? Do I see their problems and pains? Do my products help relieve those pains? Do my products deliver solutions customers are looking for? How could I learn more about those pains? How can I develop new products to make my customers’ life easier – and market products that seem irresistibly good to them?”

I wanted to make my customers happy, this is why I worked hard. Just like you. If you are frustrated, talk to your peers and get away with your anger quickly, and work to earn your customers’ trust by offering them what they need (or what they believe they need). If you fail to do that, you are wasting your resources and risk losing customers. If you can manage your attitude, your business will greatly benefit from it.

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