Successful business people learn from each other

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In the world of online entrepreneurs – where you are heading now – it is common practice to share experience and know-how.

In this post, I am going to explain some of the quirks that will let you build your business quickly.

I want you to get up to speed by adopting proven methods and concepts.

Here is how and why:

Having a good idea is nice; coming up with something original is even better; and having a genius idea is great, no doubt about that.

What to do if you have none?

Well… No worries, it is fine to use someone else’s idea – and focus on outstanding implementation.

“What can I do better than others?” “Is there any reason for me to think that my online business will soar and rocket high?”

These are the right questions to ask yourself.

Do not torment yourself because your basic business concept is not revolutionary and breathtaking.

If you excel at something and enjoy doing it to the extent that it feels almost like a hobby…

… Then chances are you will be successful as an online entrepreneur as well!

In the good, pre-pandemic times entrepreneurs organized in person events. When this nightmare is finally over, they will organize these events again.

They meet at some beautiful place like a gorgeous resort, a five-star hotel next to a golf course, on a cruise ship, etc., and share experiences for a few days.

These are great opportunities for learning from each other.

World-famous startup gurus like Jeff Walker, Russell Brunson, Eben Pagan, Ted McGrath, and others are not only hosting such events, but they also attend other ones organized by their peers.

Now… as COVID-19 impedes these live gatherings, there are still plenty of opportunities to get insight and to learn from others. Online, of course.

So, don’t be shy, reach out to your colleagues and learn from them what they have to share.

If you like my approach and find my free downloadable lessons and uploaded videos interesting, I will be happy to be your lead tutor.

Also, I organize webinars that offer many of the benefits of live events. You can actively participate, ask questions, and make your voice heard.

My natural humbleness would not allow me to brag about my coaching successes, but I encourage you to chose me as your tutor or business coach anyway.

Finally, please leave a comment and let me know what your thoughts are.


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