Three Viewpoints to Help you Decide if You Should Pursue Your Dream

Do you have an OUTRAGEOUS or WILD idea that isn’t perhaps so outrageous or wild?

Follow a calling to do something more than you’re doing, like starting your online business now and becoming rich enough to provide for your family at a much higher level than currently?

Make the world a better place? Yes… you. Dream big!

Sounds idealistic or naïve? Banal?

As my experience taught me, when that inner voice speaks to you, you should listen to it. Call it what you will: intuition, instinct, divine intervention… it’s there for a reason!

As a former employee of a big multinational fast-moving consumer goods company, having launched a few startups based on my bliss that have sustained me and my family for years, I can assure you… taking that leap of faith was worth it.

Take my translation business for instance. I’ve always found it non-work, sort of a game, entertainment, and source of joy to take someone’s sentences, digest them, turn them round and make them sound natural and nice in another language. So, there was a split second I felt a strong urge to stop everything else and focus entirely on translations. Although I am not what you’d call a true born entrepreneur, somehow that desire surfaced at the same time as I wanted to get away from the burdens of employment. The next step was to scan my little black book (at that time it was a handwritten pretty thing made of paper, not my iPhone) and see if I had enough buddies and ex-colleagues who would be happy to join me in my new endeavor.

Forty years later, that translation business is thriving and is even a market leader in the country where I established it.

How can you decide if your wild dream is worth pursuing or not? What are the viewpoints you should contemplate when you hear that tantalizing calling?

There can be many, but in my case, these three were enough to make my choice.

  1. Find out if your Big Idea excites you alone, or it will click with others. Do not start implementing it unless you can be sure (at least pretty sure) that someone you trust will be partnering with you in your new endeavor.
  2. Ask around in your family and among friends and tell them leisurely about your would-be product or service, as if it popped out of nowhere. Watch their reaction. If they are not moved an inch, don’t show the slightest interest in it, think twice before starting your business.
  3. Make a careful preliminary estimate. For how long could you maintain your current standard of living (including your family, of course) without cannibalizing your bank account? In other words, what would your reserves allow you to do before you establish a steady cash flow, an income that starts growing quickly?

There could be many other aspects of your business launch worth considering, but these are, in my opinion, the three basic ones that one should not ignore.

Needless to say, the greatest idea can lead to a disaster if implemented carelessly or without due preparations. Most importantly, you should learn the gritty nitty details of online marketing. It is not rocket science but is complex enough, so give yourself enough time to learn and master it.

Do you have a wild dream that you want to pursue? Tell us in your comment!



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