How to Out-Market the Competition

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I expect that your line of business was chosen carefully. You have done your homework and know that it will meet and exceed your prospects' expectations. It will do exactly what they want and need. Your challenge is to communicate your product's qualities compellingly to your market - to make your unique offer truly irresistible.

No one has offered the quality and functionality that you have developed. Your product is truly unique. But trust me, your product or service has a history. Certainly not exactly the same offer was made by others. You can learn from what those others have done. Study their successes. Study their failures. That is the first step in crushing it in your market niche.

Most importantly, you can study what your industry was doing in terms of marketing. You may be thinking that online marketing is specific and rather new – but marketing principles are independent of medium. The very best and most successful online marketers – and I know several quite well – exhaustively study radio, television, periodicals and direct mail as well as learn from each other.

When I worked as a newspaper editor and journalist, I was working with text. It does not mean that when I launched my business, that I was automatically good at copywriting. Copywriting this is a marketing activity you must master. Producing quite good copy won’t do. You must write top-notch copy; it is required to differentiate you from your competitors. Your marketing campaign concept might be supersonic, but if your copy is lagging in quality, you will never soar to the desired altitude.

Yes, I took an online course to learn how to write excellent copy. The course contained lessons and exercises and recommended that each lesson should be listened to more than once. Those exercises, even if they looked boring or too simple, will put you on the right track. Writing excellent copy is somewhere between a profession and a form of art. Our tutor even strongly suggested using these exercises every time we would write copy for real.

Those bloody exercises taught me two things.

Just because you believe you have a natural knack for verbal communication, you must take the course and develop your copywriting skills, step by step. If you skip any of them, you will regret it as I did.

You must express yourself succinctly and use strong language full of memorable expressions. Your copy should address your prospects’ negative emotions like anxiety, fear, or worse. Then your copy must show the reader how your offering will address those negative feelings. Of course, you'll learn to write in short, powerful sentences.

Learning from your industry’s history in general and from past marketing tricks in particular will pay off royally. You learn what to say, how to say it and what not to say. Your product or service will become something people want;  your profit will grow fast. What I mean is this: if your online business is destined to be successful, you simply have to provide it with the necessary marketing support. This is the key to your success.

If you disagree or have experiences worth sharing. Let me know about it in the comments, please.

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