What You Can Learn from the History of Your Industry and Turn Into Profit

If you chose a market niche that is so unique or new that no one has ever done it before… then you must be the next Gutenberg, Thomas Edison, or Steve Jobs and should stop reading this post right away. I can’t tell you anything new.

If your line of business is chosen carefully to meet your prospects' expectations and will do exactly what they want while satisfying their needs, chances are your product or service has a history. Maybe not exactly the same product or service was offered before by others, but I bet you could learn from past lessons (and I don’t mean past mistakes only).

Most importantly, you can study what your industry was doing in terms of marketing. OK, you are right to remind me that online marketing is specific and rather new – but as you will see, we must not reinvent the wheel. Some of the most effective marketing methods were invented by the Chinese, Greeks, and Romans… and were not called marketing tools, of course. Even archeology teaches us that marketing communication is as old as humanity itself. Take for instance the famous cave paintings. The Facebook advertisement that you learn to post has its root somewhere in the caves (I am kidding, of course).

When I worked as a newspaper editor and journalist, I was working with texts. It does not mean that later when I launched my business, I was good at copyrighting automatically. But this is a marketing activity you will have to master for your own benefit. Producing quite good or second-class copy won’t do, unfortunately. You must strive for top-notch copy; it is required to have a strong effect. Your marketing campaign concept might be supersonic, if your copy is lagging in quality, you will never soar to the desired altitude (I am using this metaphor to please my partner Doug who used to be a flying instructor some time ago).

Yes, I took an (online) course to learn how to write excellent copy. The course contained lessons and exercises and it was recommended that each lesson should have listened to more than once and that those exercises, even if they looked boring or too simple, will put you on the right track. Writing good copy is somewhere between a profession and a form of art. Our tutor even strongly suggested using these exercises every time we would write copy for real.

Those bloody exercises taught me two things.

  1. Just because you believe you have a natural knack for verbal communication, you must take the course and develop your copywriting skills, step by step. If you skip any of them, you will regret (like I did).
  2. When you must express something succinctly and use strong language, full of memorable expressions and address your prospects’ negative emotions like anxiety, fear, or even worse (these will be solved by your product or service), you inevitably will express yourself in short sentences. Unlike this one in point 2.

Learning from your industry’s history in general and from past marketing tricks, in particular, will pay off royally. Your product or service will become something people want to buy, and so your profit will grow fast. What I mean is this: if your online business is destined to be successful, you simply have to provide it with the necessary marketing support. This is the key to your success.

Do you disagree or have experiences worth sharing? Let me know about it in a comment, please.



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